Secondary OLevel Maths, Chemistry & Physics Tuition

Always Believe That All Students Have Great Potential

What Students Will Learn?

Students Will Learn:

  1. Official Course Syllabus plus relevant advanced materials and questions to prepare student for both his school examinations and end of year O-Level Examinations.
  2. Effective Study Methods with emphasis on the study of Chemistry. Student will also learn how to apply this study technique to other subjects.
  3. Answering Skills to ensure that the answers are given in a concise, and relevant manner. Many students often lose marks because of poor answers, even though they may know the subject content.

Why Choose JimmyTuition?

  • Experienced and Qualified, full time tutor with more than 10 years of tuition experience, Obtained Master of Science at NUS, Degree in Chemistry.
  • Proven Methodologies and Unique Teaching Style, have helped many students improve from F9 to A1 within 3-6 months, successful stories and testimonials from students and parents available.
  • Always simplify the complicated concepts and make students’ life easier, do believe the efficiency of tuition lesson instead of giving students too much homework.
  • Always strive to make a positive difference during the tuition lesson, help students improve continuously.
  • To provide students with my own notes which is personally made and compiled based on latest MOE syllabus and common must-know questions from last few years of O’Level exam papers.
  • Other than teaching students on problem-solving skills & exam skills, we also teach students on How to Improve Memory Skills/How to Set Clear & Exciting Goals/How to do Power Reading etc
Quality Materials

Quality Materials

Questions and notes are updated yearly to ensure material is relevant. Did we mention our huge database of 1000++ questions?
Personal Development

Personal Development

We take the development of each child very seriously and work closely with parents to ensure each student is not only taken care of academically, but also mentally and emotionally.
Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning

We employ the use of effective accelerated learning techniques to help students recall and apply challenging chemistry concepts!
247 Assistance

24/7 Assistance

Drop us a message or an email and we will reply your queries within 12 to 24 hours! This is especially popular during examination periods!

Ready To Score A1 for OLevel Chemistry?

We will reveal the secrets to get distinction for Secondary OLevel Chemistry!

Our Successful Students

What Parents & Students Have Said About Us

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Justin (Scored A1 for Maths, A2 for Physics)

Improved from F9, Singapore Sports School

Hi Jimmy, I finally got my A1 in Maths, A2 for Physics and my Chemistry improved a lot!

At the start of the year, I was not able to pass my Maths and Chemistry and had a borderline pass for Physics.

However since I started tuition with you about 4 months ago, I have improved tremendously. Like you always said:” If you have the right attitude, it’s only a matter of time before the A1 comes.” Thanks JimmyTuition.

testimonial – 2017 OLevel Science(Chem+Phy) A1 — Alister

Alister (Scored A1 for Science)

Improved from F9, Chung Cheng High School(Yishun)

Hi teacher Jimmy, I got A1 for Science. Thank you very much for your help. Actually I failed science then my classmate recommend JimmyTuition to me. To be honest, I face many challenges when just joined jimmytuition class as my S3 Chemistry foundation is very weak. Many thanks for your patience and guidance!!!

image1 (19)

Mother of S4 Student (Scored A2 for OLevel A-Math)

Improved from F9, Chung Cheng High School(Yishun)

Teacher Jimmy, I am Jia Hern’s mother, I appreciate your patience and unique methodologies in tutoring my son’s Additional Mathematics, from a failing grade to achieve an A2 in his GCE “O”Level Exam. Thank you very much!

testimonial 2017 OLevel Chem A1—YuXin

Yu Xin (Scored A1 for OLevel Chemistry)

Improved from C6, Anderson Secondary School

Hi I am YuXin and got A1 for Chemistry!!! I did quite well for all my other results as well, but I made the most improvement for OLevel Chemistry! Thank you so much for all your help since I joined your OLevel Pure Chemistry Tuition Class!

image1 (14)

You Gin (Scored A1 for OLevel Chemistry)

Improved from D7, Maris Stella High School

Hi Mr Jimmy, I got A1 for Chemistry and 8 points for my OLevel results. Thank you for everything including the motivation during your OLevel Chemistry tuition class!

tesimonial – 2017 OLevel Amaths A1 Chemistry A2 —Sandra Wong

Sandra(Scored A1 for A-Maths and A2 for Chemistry)

Improved from D7, Riverside Secondary School

Hi Teacher Jimmy, I scored A1 for both Maths(Amaths and Emaths) and A2 for Chemistry. Thank you so much for your guidance! I wouldn’t have done it without your help.


Desmond (father of S3 student, Top for Science in cohort)

Improved from D7, Chung Cheng High School(Yishun)

Hi I just saw my son report card and he told me that he is top in his science subject in his cohort, thanks for your good guidance.

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