FAQ (Click on the questions and read the answers)

1. What subjects and level of tuition services do you provide?

At JimmyTuition, we specialised in Secondary Maths (both Emaths & Amaths) tuition and Chemistry tuition.

  • Secondary 1 Maths Tuition
  • Secondary 2 Maths Tuition
  • Secondary 3 Emaths Tuition
  • Secondary 3 Amaths Tuition
  • Secondary 3 Chemistry Tuition
  • Secondary 4 Emaths Tuition
  • Secondary 4 Amaths Tuition
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry Tuition

2. Do you give 1 to 1 tuition or group tuition?

We offer both 1 to 1 tuition and group tuition.

3. Does JimmyTuition provide online tuition or physical lessons?

We have both online tuition lessons and physical lessons.

4. How many students are there in your group tuition class?

Usually we have about 3 – 6 students in our group tuition class(physical lessons). For online lessons, we may have about 3 – 9 students in each class.

5. Do you give any homework to your students?

For further improvement, we will give our students some homework for practice so as to enhance the concepts what we taught in our tuition class.

6. How much is your tuition fees for 1 to 1 lessons and group tuition class?

At JimmyTuition, the tuition fees is $70 per hour for 1 to 1 lessons and $40 per hour for group tuition class.

7. Is the tuition lesson 2 hours or 1.5 hours?

Our group tuition lessons are 2 hours per lesson.

8. When do we need to make payment for the tuition fees?

Usually the parents and students make payment for the whole month tuition fees before the 1st tuition lesson of every month.

9. What payment mode do you accept?

We accept cash payment, Paynow, Paylah or online transfer. We will provide you with the payment details once you register the tuition class with us.