What should we bring when coming for tuition class?
All students are required to bring along calculator and stationery including pens when coming to my tuition lessons. I will provide all the study material and worksheet for students.
Do you give make-up lesson if we miss out your tuition lesson?
Yes, we will provide replacement lesson if our students cannot attend the tuition lessons due to sickness or family events. However all students are strongly encouraged to attend the tuition lessons consistently, try not to be absent from the tuition lessons unless there are strong reasons. Consistency is one of the important factors for students to improve results continuously.
Do you give students homework after tuition?
I always emphasise the importance of efficiency of tuition lesson instead of giving too much homework. All students have to be following my instructions closely during tuition so as to fully understand the concepts and improve the problem-solving skills.
How much is the tuition fees and tuition class size?
For group tuition, it's $30 per hour, usually it's 2 hours per session. The tuition class is usually 5-8 students. For 1to1 lesson, it's $50 per hour, and it only can be conducted weekdays afternoons or evenings.
What subjects and level do you teach?
I teach Maths Tuition(Primary 5/6 Maths and Secondary 1-4 Maths), Secondary Chemistry Tuition(Pure Chemistry & Combined), Physics Tuition.
How is the payment for tuition?
The payment for tuition fees is to be made at the 1st lesson of every month. Cash, cheques or bank transfer are acceptable. If students are not able to attend the lesson due to sickness or other strong reasons, we will not refund the tuition fees. However we will arrange for make-up lesson in school holidays for both convenience,