Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition Class

At, we specialised in Secondary OLevel Maths (A-Maths, E-Maths), Chemistry, Physics.
To maximise our tuition class results, we keep our class size small from 3 students (minimum) to 9 (maximum).
We will prepare all tuition materials and worksheets for our students. All our students only need to bring along their calculators for all tuition lessons.
To ensure to deliver the best tuition results, we give each lesson at 2 hours so that our students have enough time to practice.

Tuition Fees Payment

Our tuition fees is $35 per hour for all level and subjects.
You can make payment by cash, and we also accept payment in the form of cheques or ibanking or ATM transfers.
All parents and students need to make payment for next month’s tuition fee before the 1st lesson of the month.
At, we always strive to deliver the results during our tuition lessons to our students. We don't encourage to give too much homework to our students to burden students with unnecessary homework. Therefore, unless our teachers think that it is necessary and needs more practice, there will be little homework to be brought home. We aim to complete all in tuition class.

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