Teacher Jimmy, I am Jia Hern's mother, I appreciate your patience and unique methodologies in tutoring my son's Additional Mathematics, from a failing grade to achieving an A2 in his GCE 'O' Level Exam. Thank you very much.

Happy Message from Sec 4 Student JiaHern's Mother, Sec 4 O'Level Amaths Tuition, from F9 to A2

Hi I am YuXin and I got A1 for Chemistry. I did quite well for all my other results as well, but I made the most improvement for Chemistry. Thank you so much for all your help and your pure Chemistry Tuition.

Yu Xin, Sec 4 O Level Pure Chemistry Tuition, from D7 to A1

Joining Jimmy Tuition for O Level Pure Chemistry Tuition is one of the best decisions in my life and I truly enjoy every lesson. Each lesson never failed to surprise me with very clear, packed with loads of information and yet magically concise. Thank you very much for everything.

YouGin, Sec 4 O Level Pure Chemistry Tuition, from C6 to A1

Hi Jimmy, I finally got my A1 for Maths, and A2 for Physics. My Chemistry also improved a lot! At the start of the year, I was not able to pass my maths and Chemistry but had a borderline pass for Physics. However since I started tuition with you about 4 months ago, I have improved tremendously. Like you always said, "If you have the right attitude, it's only a matter of time before the A1 comes". Thanks Jimmy!

Happy Message from S4 student Justin, A1 for Maths and A2 for Chemistry after joining Jimmy Tuition,

Hi Mr Jimmy, I got A1 for O Level Science, thank you very much for your quality Science tuition and extra help.

HsienGin, O Level Science A1, from F9 to A1

Hi My Jimmy, I got A1 for my OLevel Science. Thank you so much for your help. Actually I failed my Science before started Jimmy Tuition recommended by my classmate, who top our cohort for science. Thank you for making it easier for us to grasp the Chemistry concepts and keywords.

Alister, Sec 4 O Level Science A1, from F9 to A1

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