13 March 2018
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13 March 2018,

Q: What are the important chapters in Lower Secondary Maths?

A: At primary level of Maths especially Primary5 & Primary6 PSLE, the problem-solving methods of “models drawing” is commonly used, however when students go to secondary level, it is no longer allowed to be used. Instead, students are often required to form a equation to solve the questions by using Algebra. For Secondary Maths, one of the most important chapters is Algebra as it is also the foundation for many other chapters in Secondary Maths even in Additional Maths.
For all the Sec1 & Sec2 students coming to my Maths tuition, I will make a lot efforts on this chapter so as to ensure that all of them have a very solid foundation in Algebra. All my students joining my Maths tuition class have to spend more time to keep practising the Algebra.

Q: How to minimise or avoid the careless mistakes and score well in Secondary Maths?

A: Many students are facing the problem of careless mistakes in Maths Exam. They either copy the questions wrongly with wrong sign or wrong numbers, sometimes they forgot to change the sign for inequality questions when dividing by negative numbers for both sides. In fact, all these careless mistakes can be minimised or avoided by proper training and practice. In my Maths tuition class I always tell my students that presentation is the key. It means that all students have to follow the step-by-step approach when coming to presentation. Try not to skip the steps when solving the maths questions and do not use mental calculation too much because many times the careless mistakes are made due to these factors. All students are also required to give their best quality of presentation when practice in maths tuition class because the right habits are instilled gradually and they can benefit in the future.
In summary, many of the careless mistakes can be prevented with disciplined practice. Not getting an “A” for PSLE Maths does not mean that students cannot reach for it at Secondary Maths. With proper training and hard work, I believe that all students will be able to excel in Secondary Maths.

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