15 March 2018
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15 March 2018,

What are the difference between Superstar Students and so called “Slow” Students? Same brain, different strategies!

Many students came to my Chemistry tuition or Maths Tuition when failed Maths or Chemistry, I always asked them one same question. What is your Goal when joining my tuition? Most of them respond by saying that they would be happy if they can pass the subject. To transform the results and help the students unlock the great potential to achieve academic success, I always tell my students that it is not your inherent lack of ability that set you apart from the straight A’s students. Rather, it is the learning strategies used by these students that get them excellent results.
You and almost every student on the planet have basically the same brain and nervous system. Why some students can learn so fast and easily while some other students may read a page four times but still cannot understand or remember what they just read? The reason is that the former group of students have somehow learnt or instinctively used the right strategies of learning process.
Then what are the formula to unleash the winner within and achieve success beyond school?

Step 1: Set a clear and specific goal.

I always tell my students to set the goal to get A1 even when they joined my tuition with F9. The students should understand the power of goal as it will give students strong belief that they can achieve the success. Every success starts from strong belief.

Step 2: Use the right strategy and review the strategies periodically

Students need to understand what the proper and suitable strategies for learning and for different subjects, and need to review the strategies periodically for continuous improvement from time to time based on the results.

Step 3: Take actions Now

This is one of the most important step to achieve success. Students have to plan their revision time and revise after class. Student have to make full use of all the tests and exams to identify what the weakness in order to improve and reinforce the understanding.

Step 4  Achieve Success and Boost Up the Confidence Level

As I mentioned to my students, all successful students need to have their own GPS system like driving the cars. G: goal. P: perseverance. S: sacrifice. The path from dreams to success does exist. However students need to have the perseverance to follow it.


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