16 March 2018
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16 March 2018,

Secret #1 Focus more on important topics to build up the strong foundation

For O Level Chemistry, all students must understand that there are few topics taught in Secondary 3 which are very important, including Chemical Formula Writing and Chemical Equations Balance, Ionic Equations, Chemical Bonding, Acids & Bases, and Mole Calculations. Students should make every efforts to build up the strong foundation in Chemistry, especially those chapters covered earlier in Secondary 3 because almost every topic is interrelated.

Secret #2 Identify The Proper Keywords For Structured Questions

For O Level Chemistry structured questions, students are required to use the proper keywords or key phrases in the answers. Many students are facing the challenges that not being able to answer the structured questions with the proper keywords. Hence students need to have mindset of keywords when learning every topics or reading school Chemistry notes. The Chemistry tuition teachers are also have responsibility to teach students what are the keywords for each topics and guide the students on how to reinforce the proper usage of specific keywords when practice structured questions in Chemistry tuition lessons.

Secret #3 Practice Makes Perfection

In order to fully understand all the concepts, students are strongly encouraged to work on the OLevel Ten-Year Series(TYS, topical) especially Secondary 3 students and Secondary 4 students in the 1st and 2nd term. The OLevel Chemistry TYS will provide a reasonable gauge on students’ level of understanding of Chemistry key concepts and build up the confidence level with step-by-step approach.

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