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How To Score A1 for Chemistry and Maths

    Specialised Secondary Chemistry & Maths

    At JimmyTuition, we specialised in Secondary Chemistry tuition & A-Maths & Emaths Tuition.

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    testimonial – 2017 OLevel Chem+Amaths both A2 —JiaRong

    JiaRong, Sec4 Chemistry & A-Maths Tuition, improved from just passed to A1

    Hello, I got A2 for both Chemistry and A-Maths! Thank you so much! I wouldn’t have done it without your help!

    Hsin Gin’s father

    Happy message from Sec2 student’s father, Science tuition, improved from F9 to A1.


    Hi I just saw my son report card and he told me that he is top in his Science subject in his cohort, thanks for your good guidance.

    testimonial – 2017 OLevel Science(Chem+Phy) A1 — Alister

    Alister, Sec5 O’Level Chemistry Tuition, improved from F9 to A1


    I got A1 for my Science(Chemistry and Physics). Thank you!


    Adrian, Sec4(NA) Amaths & Emaths tuition, improved from F9 to A1

    Teacher Jimmy, I got 7 distinction, A1 for both Amaths and Emaths!

    testimonial 2017 OLevel Chem A1—YuXin

    YuXin, Sec4 O’Level Chemistry tuition, improved from C6 to A1

    Hi I am YuXin and I got A1 for Chemistry!!! I did quite well for all my other subjects as well, but I made the most improvement for Chemistry! Thank you so much for all your help!

    testimonial from jiahern mother

    Happy message from Sec4 student JiaHern’s mother, Sec4 A-Maths tuition, improved from F9 to A2

    Teacher Jimmy, I am JiaHern’s mother, I appreciate your patience and unique methodologies in tutoring my son’s Additional Mathematics, from a failing grade to achieving an A2 in his GCE ‘O’Level exam. Thank you very much.